The evolution of this blog is as complex as the evolution of an introvert from their preteens to their 20s. It went from a generic blog to a book blog and gave my readers whiplash when it turned into a personal blog so fast. But simply put, it’s a reflection of me, and what I hold dearly.

Get a load of the varied roles I pose- writer, social media marketer, sometimes designer, reluctant social being. I’ve grown up juggling different projects. And I hope to keep it like that.

Literary Head is a space to vent my behind-the-scenes thoughts- the processes and the lint that gathers around my creative projects I hope to put out online soon.

I’m hoping to launch different creative projects and make a scrapbook of my works all across platforms online. This is where I come to talk about the nitty-gritty of the projects. Think of it as the space that acts like a storage cupboard for all the props used for a multi-act sold out traveling play. (I don’t think so highly of myself, but I do like to imagine)

It’s also a journal of ideas and learnings from the work I’ve done.

Taking up different roles throughout my (short) two years of doing odd jobs can be stressful, And sometimes, it can also bring a lot of learning. Here’s where I try to articulate and document what I’ve understood about different facets of work life. It may not be right but it’s what I’ve understood


A lot of the time, we’re so caught up in getting that end result, we forget to enjoy the process. We only ever see people talking about their work after getting to the end result and naturally, we don’t realize the kind of effort and energy it takes to get to the end. Documenting the journey makes the process much more enjoyable and it shows the reality, a part of the creative life that is crucial to see.

Suggestions? Post requests? Feel free to message me through the contact form OR send me an email on asiyanym@gmail.com.


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