Plot Twist: Adulthood

You thought that my absence on the blog was astonishing? Wait till you hear about how I haven’t read a book in two months.

I can just imagine your virtual faces.

Let me explain. I adore reading and can’t go a day without writing and the fact that I have two blogs- albeit ones that I only dream of updating routinely- is proof of this. But having only a few months left before I graduate, and with the outside world being so competitive, I put aside my hobbies (cue tears) and put all my energy into working, polishing my skills and brightening up my resume. I was juggling multiple tasks and taking up more responsibility than I should. All the while, scraping through college. Now that my semester exams are near and my workload has relaxed, I can come back to my first love.


Holy. Do you see the year? It’s 2017! I recently realised that I’ve been around this community for seven years- on and off- and I’m still shocked. How fast does time travel? I look back and I see how much I’ve grown, my confidence, and how well I can cope with my mind shadows, to put it eloquently, and it’s all thanks to this community’s unwavering love and support. So thank you! *showers you with confetti*


Here’s a miscellaneous list of things I’m looking forward to in the next two and a half months.

  1. The upcoming Ready Player One movie. WHAAA. I can’t even fathom the brilliance of this movie, especially with Steven Speilberg as the director. Still a tad bit sceptical but mostly with high hopes.
  2. Back into podcasts. My obsession with podcasts faltered mid-2017 but I’m back to listening to them obsessively. Some of my favourites are On Brand and Welcome to Night Vale (as always).
  3. New freelance projects. I love brainstorming and creating the most innovative projects and when it involves building campaigns and brands, it’s all the more interesting. Some interesting projects coming up in the upcoming months and I can’t wait to work on them.
  4. Content for Tales in Transit. As soon as my semester exams are over, I’m launching into churning out content for my travel and culture blog, a task that has been pending for a few months.
  5. A secret writer-centric project. I just started and it’ll be up and ready in three weeks. It’s something I took up because A) I believe this will make things easier for writers and B) It’ll put me in the zone to start my novel.

Hope you got a peek into what I’m up to. I know, I’m juggling a billion things. How do I manage it all, you ask?

Committed to black coffee.


I’ll definitely be posting here, with sporadic reviews and lists. Slowly but surely. Maybe I’ll also do more of such life check-in posts? What do you think?

How are you doing? I probably haven’t spoken to you in ages! Let’s catch up on twitter or down in the comments. If you wrote something interesting, link below and I’ll shower it with love.


Ready Blogger One V. 04

(At this point, I’m running out of titles)

Yes, I have been away from the blog for too long. Yes, I promised to have loads of content. Yes, I disappointed myself. We need a superlative for procrastinator. But for real, I have a a concise explanation why I haven’t been around and also, looking ahead.

Reading Last Year

My reading challenge in 2016  was for 1 book since I didn’t want to pressure myself and instead, have fun reading. YET,  through the year, I made myself schedule time in- literally jot down 11pm as “read”- so that I would actually do it. I was super busy and pressuring myself didn’t help. When I checked in on Goodreads at the end of the year, I had read only 11 books.yearinbooks

ELEVEN. BOOKS. I was ashamed. Despite my love for reading, 2016 made me go through  too many plot twists to actually read fictional ones. But hey, second week of 2017 and I started my second book already which, I think, reflects well on this year.

So What Have I Been Doing?

I’ve picked up a lot of freelance work- that are based on writing, photography or social media content. Juggling college with 4 to 5 projects while volunteering is proving to be difficult but I’m too ambitious and stubborn to slow down. I’m also doing courses online to brush up my skills- in writing and design. I think that there’s always room for improvement.

Last year was more focused on being the best at the task at hand and mastering them while managing time effectively. There were a lot of stressful moments, too many weddings and social events, too much weighing out my decisions. I think I found a balance by the end of the year so phew!


When the new year rolled in, I looked at what I wanted to let go and what I needed to prioritize on. From the list, one thing that made me happy that I felt I needed more in my life were books and blogging. So guess who’s scheduled an unconventional review and a discussion post which has been a draft for two years?!finWhat have you been up to? Bloggers, which was the best post you published last year?

Bust A Move v. 03

5 years.

3 blog names.

Not enough content.

Hey self, I know. Life happens; exams, boredom, slumps, exams, family, exams. (I swear, we need an exam repellent around here)

And I’m done. I’m done with life telling me how unworthy I am of having a blog, how life undermines me and tells me that a procrastinator like me wouldn’t get her shit together long enough to curate a week’s worth of ideas.

Time to reset these thoughts. I’m fully aware that every single person goes through such feelings of unworthiness. When even an IV of confidence up your arm won’t help. Which is exactly why I even wrote this.

“Do you think I deserve an idea as amazing as that?” And the “I” in the sentence isn’t a regular one. Oh no. It is filled with disgust and disbelief.

According to Elizabeth Gilbert (rephrased by me): This idea travelled light years to reach human life and from the 7 billions, it chose you. Please honour it. Acknowledge it. Or break up with it. Don’t let it hang around waiting because you thought you weren’t worthy of it.

So here I am, back to blogging about my fiction, executing my ideas and lowkey being efficient. As efficient as is possible from me!

Well, some things don't change

Now to you: How are you? Read anything amazing since 2016 started? What do you think of my blog design?

Let’s Try This Again: v. 2.0

The past two years has seen me experiment with blogging and content. Finally, I have rooted my style and the planner in me wants to keep it neat before proceeding to blog my heart out.


On The Shiny New Blog Name

Last month, I wiped down my brainstorming skills and found a blog name better suited to my flexible needs than Books and Cake.

I hope you like the name, The Whimsical Carousel, as much as I do. It is pretty generic (if I say so myself) but the reasons I chose this was because

1) I will be writing about fictional worlds and lives, going around formats that deal with those (mostly books, visual media, and podcasts). Thus resembling a carousel.

2) I won’t have much of a schedule and I love travelling which reasons with the whimsical part of the title.

3) My parents, Asti, Jo, and Sana prefer this title over the other one(which was a mouthful) and I secretly do too.

On the Content

I have new features and many different styles of posts coming up that have been brewing in my head all of last year. They have survived the forgettable winters which also means they are much better than the original idea.

Also, just so I’m not giving you false hope, I have scheduled two posts already (Who is this changed person?!).

A sneak peek on tomorrow: something related to fantasy reads and visual media.

On Thanking You

I wouldn’t have my blog up and running if it wasn’t for Jo. From the silly questions to keeping me from crashing the site, I honestly owe you a basket of books and chocolates and all sweet things!

Also, for your input: Carina for your persistence, Asti for your thoughts on the blog design and Sana for your support. Thank you so much. I never thought I’d have such amazing friends!
I know I’ve missed out mentioning each and everyone in the book community but a huge hug to all of you for being amazing and not letting me quit.

Of course, people who still follow me over here- I will treat you guys something very cool soon. And finally, people on twitter who find me interesting- thanks for making me so damn confident.

What are your thoughts on the new name and my changed, scheduling lifestyle? I’n excited and can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on!

The Efficiency Manifesto

This manifesto aims to create a more efficient, and less random blogging pattern. It tries to inculcate better lifestyle habits like reading more and reducing the binge and purge(or in this case, hangover) system.

I am finally back! Even though I won’t be posting much for the next four months, I definitely am staying. All those laborious seminars and assignments are done and I just have two sets of exams to write to finish my high school experience. More on that as I get to the end of the tough chapter.

Till then…

Every new year causes me to retrospect and track my progress(in all aspects). How much have I achieved? How can I improve?
I realize the reason I am horrible at blogging and school and pretty much everything that needs structure is because I am not efficient. This brings me to correct these procrastinating ways by following a manifesto.

A few things on my personal manifesto that I’d talk about if I get through them are-

1. Trying different art forms.
If you follow me on instagram/twitter, you’d see how I’ve been into photography. Expanding my horizons, I plan to experiment more with my photography style. I’ve also been meaning to check out pottery and knitting, and also get back into painting.

2. New blog- Properly Patched Up
I’ve had my new blog for quite a while. I did post a few pieces of my writing there and then just as quickly, deleted them. But this year, I’ll be active on this photo/travel blog, and will also be sharing about life and culture. Not forgetting the forementioned art experiences.

3. Related to both blogs, I want to get my own domain, and really, honestly write those ideas I have into posts and not just let them sit in my head till they evaporate.

I won’t bore you with my personal manifesto but instead,

2015 Reading Resolutions

  1. Get through at least 4 of the series in my TBR list.
  2. Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Ness are top priority.
  3. Take part in BookRiot’s Read Harder challenge.
  4. Read books I own and make a dent. Major book buying ban till then.

  5. Classics and graphic novels need some attention as well.

    I don’t want to overwhelm myself by making too many goals so I’ll keep it simple this year.


What are your reading resolutions? And any other resolutions that you are excited to begin with? Here’s some motivation from the TED organisation to help keep to your goals. All the luck to you!